Balancing Rights And Responsibilities

Where and how you choose to live is a personal decision that requires a lot of thought and effort, not to mention money. Therefore, it can be distressing when another homeowner or your governing HOA starts to make life difficult for you. Whether you've been accused of violating HOA rules, one of your neighbors refuses to respect bylaws or you're suing an HOA, a conflict of this sort can be distressing for the whole community. At Carlton Law LLC, however, our law firm focuses on just this type of HOA dispute. We can represent either homeowners or HOAs who are seeking a legal resolution to a stubborn conflict within a community.

Willing To Go To Trial

Many HOA disputes can be resolved before they escalate. For example, a homeowner could bring up an issue directly with a neighbor or request that it be addressed during an HOA meeting. Sometimes conflicts can't be resolved in this manner, however, and they proceed to court. At Carlton Law LLC, we're nimble and effective in a trial setting. If your HOA dispute isn't getting anywhere with more conservative means, you need an experienced HOA lawyer who can bring your case to the best possible resolution inside the courtroom.

Reclaim Peace Where You Live

It costs nothing to get a professional legal perspective from our firm. We offer free initial consultations wherein we can answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. To schedule your appointment with an attorney at our firm, call 404-721-4837 or use our online form to tell us what's going on.