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Handling HOA-Related Conflict

Disputes involving HOAs are not a one-way street; individuals sometimes sue associations and sometimes associations sue individuals. Depending on the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) of your particular HOA, these disputes could stem from anything from having a car in the driveway to using the wrong paint to letting your grass grow too long to having the wrong color curtains in your window. When individuals sue associations, it’s often over management of the HOA funds and dues.

What A Lawyer Can Do

If you disagree with the rules of your HOA, it’s not necessarily easy to make changes. That’s because new HOA rules or required expenses have to be passed by the board in order to be enacted. If you have CC&Rs within the property deed itself, things can get even trickier: You would have to go to court to remove the offending items.

While taking legal action for a Georgia HOA issue isn’t always straightforward or easy, there are some situations where either individual homeowners or an HOA representative might want to enlist the services of a lawyer, including:

  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Contract violation
  • Potential misappropriation of funds

Disputes involving your HOA can be particularly stressful because they involve your neighbors, and in more severe cases, can even have an effect on your property values. Having an experienced HOA lawyer on your side can help lessen the impact to your life if you find yourself facing such a conflict.

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